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There are over 30,000 Health Clubs (GYMS) in the United States, many of which are owned by single club operators with little to no experience or background in the industry.

The mortality rate among these operators during their first few years in business is staggering, mainly due to their overall lack of skills and their understanding of the basic rules and principles of the business. In many (most) cases, it becomes inevitable, that their doors will be forced to close unless they somehow learn more about the business.

Meet Larry Gurney…

Larry Gurney
For the past three decades, Larry has had one of this industries most celebrated careers, as well as being considered one of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs in the country. After being mentored early on in his career by some of this industries best known icons, such as Ray Wilson, Bill Hubner and Don Wildman, Larry went on to work besides industry legend Mark Mastrov at 24 Hour Fitness. Larry served as a Divisional President under Mark, until he resigned in 2000 to start his own company called The RUSH Fitness Complex. The RUSH which currently has 23 locations, is ranked #22 in the United States and does approximately $50,000,000 in annual revenues and was just purchased by Gold’s gym – freeing up Gurney for his next challenge.

In SAVE MY GYM, Larry and his hand-picked team of industry specialists known as “THE TRANSFORMATION TEAM“ are teaming up to SAVE gyms across the country. By turning these gyms around and saving them, Gurney and his team are saving thousands of jobs.

There are three mandatory and magical words that must be said by the owners who are lucky enough to be chosen by Gurney and offered this once in a lifetime opportunity to have their GYM be transformed…SAVE MY GYM!

SAVE MY GYM follows Gurney and his Transformation Team, as they diagnose and study every aspect of the failing operation, including P&L’s, Systems, Processes, Procedures and the entire staff. Once the autopsy has been completed, see how the Transformation is mapped out in the Transformation War Room, where Gurney and his team create a blueprint for success. This is a very specific and detailed plan about giving the club a NEW LIFE and a whole new set of expectations.

Viewers should be prepared to ‘buckle up’ and ‘hold on tight’ for this behind the scenes look at what all goes into turning a struggling gym around. This is the “real deal” and there’s plenty of egos, testosterone and tempers to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Viewers are able to watch the actual transformation as it happens, from deciding the new equipment, revamping the sales process to the designing an entirely new floor plan and atmosphere.

The “Transformation” team’s unique chemistry in and out of the gym is palpable. In an ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ style, when Gurney calls, they put their life on hold, board the next plane, to help Gurney save the gym.

With oversight from Gurney, and help from the TRANSFORMATION TEAM and sponsors, the gym has a chance to succeed!

Following the transformation, the gym has a re-grand opening event (which benefits a charity of the gym’s choice). From there Gurney and his team will check in with the gym periodically – keeping a mindful eye on how things turn around.

Every aspect of the business will be addressed by the team, from Janitorial and Maintenance issues, to Management structure and Compensation plans. In Gurney’s opinion, there aren’t many bad clubs, just bad operators and weak Leaders!

Created by Howard Braunstein & Eric Kline

Produced by Eric Kline Productions


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